Club Rules & Admin

Details of the AFSC Club Rules, Latest Committee Meeting Minutes and the last AGM .

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the club rules and participate in the running and development of AFSC. Suggestions and constructive criticism from all members is welcome as is members attendance at the AGM and Committee Meetings.

Appleby Frodingham Squash Club Rules

(Amended 11th Sept 2013)

The section of Appleby Frodingham Works Athletic Club (AFWAC) shall be known as Appleby Frodingham Squash Club (AFSC).


The site and the buildings, which AFSC share with the Cricket Club, are the property of AFWAC. No decisions can be made regarding the property without the prior approval of AFWAC.


The AFSC Committee have the responsibility to monitor, review and manage the total number of members to ensure that the playing courts are fully utilised whilst maintaining reasonable access to play for all members. Membership shall be open to any persons who are currently employed by any business within Tata group or any of its wholly owned subsidiaries and are current members of AFWAC.

The AFSC Committee will require evidence to support these requirements.

Membership of AFSC is also extended to “Outside” individuals who may apply to the Membership Secretary for membership of AFSC having already subscribed to membership of AFWAC. Prospective “Outside” members must first be sanctioned by the AFSC Committee. Membership will be offered on a first come, first served basis, with the AFSC Committee reserving the right to refuse anyone they deem unsuitable.

Outside members will have full playing and voting rights and are eligible to serve on the AFSC Committee.

The types of membership available to all, are:-

Ÿ         Honorary

At the behest of the AFSC Committee and are lifetime awards subject to compliance with regards annual renewal. Once lapsed, an Honorary membership becomes invalid.

Ÿ         Adult Single

Male or female of eighteen years or older who have ceased full-time education.

Ÿ         Adult Joint

 Spouse or common law partner of a male or female of eighteen years or older. It is imperative that both parties permanently reside at the same address.

Ÿ         Junior

An individual under twenty one years of age in full time education.

If, whilst still a member of AFSC, someone leaves the employment of Tata or a junior moves out of full time education, the member shall be able to continue his/her/their current membership status for the current year but is required to pay the increased subscription when they next fall due.


AFSC membership is only renewable with a valid AFWAC membership card and members are required to make their own arrangements to pay their AFWAC fees.

AFSC subscriptions are due annually, the membership year is from 1st October to 30th September. Annual subscriptions are payable prior to 30th September or will incur a mandatory “re-joining” fee. Annual subscriptions are payable directly to the Membership Secretary.

Subscriptions may be revised at the AGM or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting. The membership subscriptions from 1st October 2012 are:-


Ÿ         No fee payable

Tata Employees

Ÿ         Adult Single £52

Ÿ         Adult Joint £78

Outside Members

Ÿ         Adult Single £122 inc. Athletic Club membership

Ÿ         Adult Joint £184 inc. Athletic Club membership

Junior Membership

Ÿ         All £30

Ÿ         Retired (over 65) £35

With the exception of Juniors, each full member shall pay an additional initial joining fee of £10. The joining fee shall also be payable by members who do not make the payment to renew their annual subscriptions by 30th September.


The management of all affairs of the AFSC shall be delegated by the members to a committee, which will be elected annually at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The AFSC Committee shall consist of at least a separate Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Athletic Club Representative. The AFSC Committee should ideally consist of both “Internal” and “Outside” members. The Athletic Club shall be informed of the names of the individuals who undertake these roles.

Current Officials are:-

Ÿ         Chairperson – Paul Matthewman

Ÿ         Secretary – Nigel Bratton

Ÿ         Treasurer – Sonia Crompton

Ÿ         Membership Secretary – Steve Hame

Ÿ         Athletic Club Representative – Daz Brand

Ÿ         Other Committee Members –  Eddie Docherty

The AFSC Committee may establish sub committees or working parties, which shall be responsible to the AFSC Committee.

The AFSC Committee should meet a minimum of six times per year and the minutes from the meetings displayed on a notice board at the club.

The AFSC Committee have the right to terminate or suspend the membership of any person they deem appropriate and also refuse entry to the club of any individual who is not a member of AFSC having followed the appropriate disciplinary procedure (see code of conduct).


The AFSC shall have a bank account bearing its name at a location approved by the AFSC Committee.

The bank mandate should ensure that all cheque payments require the signatures of at least two AFSC Committee members.

The AFSC financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September.

All payments must be approved at an AFSC Committee meeting and recorded on the corresponding minutes.

All receipts should be promptly deposited in the AFSC bank account.

An up-to-date Income and Expenditure account shall be presented to the AFSC Committee at least four times per year.

The AFSC’s final Income and Expenditure Account shall be approved at the AGM. The approved accounts should be submitted to the auditor, who is appointed by AFWAC within three months of the AFSC year end.

The AFSC Committee shall determine how club funds should be best used for the benefit of its members.


The AFSC Committee should meet at least six times per year and the minutes displayed on a notice board at the club.

The AGM is to be held during September. A notice giving the date and time of the AGM must be displayed on a notice board at the club and posted on the clubs website at least twenty-eight days prior to the meeting.

The format of the AGM shall include:-

Ÿ         Approval of the previous years minutes

Ÿ         Chairpersons report

Ÿ         Treasurers presentation and approval of the audited accounts

Ÿ         Election of officers and committee members

Ÿ         Any Other Business; as specified on the agenda

Ÿ         Any Other Business

The number of members required to make a quorum is four. In the event of a tied vote the chairperson shall have the casting vote.

Extra-Ordinary or Special General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the AFSC Committee. A notice of this meeting must be displayed on a notice board and the clubs website at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

The number of members required to make a quorum is four.

Playing Arrangements

Court Bookings – all courts should be booked via the booking process, which is maintained by the club.

Non-members are not allowed to play at the AFSC. The penalty for infringement of the rule shall be determined by the AFSC Committee but would generally be permanent termination of membership of the offending member.

Members “guests” may be allowed to play after seeking the approval of a member of the committee, the guests name shall then be entered into a visitors book clearly stating the following – members name, guests name, date, court and time and the name of the committee member approving.

Visiting team players and their supporters, exhibition match players, individual inter-club or county competition players are not deemed as visitors and are excluded from the guest rule providing they are attending AFSC for that purpose.

Priority of Play – Team games, exhibition matches and club competitions shall take preference over all other games. The dates and times of these games shall be displayed on the booking diary or on a notice board at the club for member’s information. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a minimum of one court shall be kept for general members play each day.

Play must follow the “Rules of Squash” as published by England Squash.

Footwear must be non-marking and made for the purpose of indoor court play. Footwear worn outside the building is not to be worn on court.

Juniors are required to wear approved protective eyewear at all times whilst on court and in line with England Squash guidelines.

Juniors are not to remain in the AFSC building after 8pm without direct adult supervision.

Where restricted opening times are applied a notice shall be posted on a club notice board and on the clubs website.

Code Of Conduct

Members, guests playing visitors and their supporters are required to abide by the AFSC Code of Conduct at all times. Failure to do so will result in the individual being asked to immediately leave the premises and AFSC members being required to attend an AFSC Committee meeting to discuss the situation and take any appropriate action.

Ÿ         Members shall always treat other members and visitors in a courteous manner.

Ÿ         No abusive language on court or whilst in the AFSC building

Ÿ         No racket, court or equipment abuse.

Ÿ         All AFSC facilities to be treated with respect.

Ÿ         No Smoking

Ÿ         Mobile phones must be switched off or to silent when in designated “phone free” zones.

Ÿ         Lights, heaters and fans must be switched off when leaving a court.

Ÿ         Do not cause any distraction to on-court players.

Ÿ         Members are required to use the changing rooms for changing and should be suitably clothed at all times.

Ÿ         Others (to be added as required).


Disciplinary Procedure

(To be added following consultation with Alan Carnie)


Coaching of AFSC members by AFSC members is permitted. Monies paid for coaching is to be agreed between the coach and the individual. A court must be booked to conduct a coaching session.

Club Competitions, Teams and Leagues

Competitions – To be arranged at the discretion of the AFSC Committee. Certain conditions and costs may be applied if incurred by AFSC for inter-club or county competitions.

Teams to be selected at the discretion of the AFSC Committee. Certain conditions and costs may be applied if incurred by AFSC.

Leagues – to be arranged at the discretion of the AFSC Committee.


The AFSC accepts no liability for loss, damage or personal injury. Members should arrange their own insurance cover if required.

Spectator Limits

Due to fire safety regulations and restrictions the number of players/spectators allowed in the building at any one time may be restricted. Consequently the AFSC Committee should co-ordinate with the other sections that use the building when organising any major events.


Should the AFSC cease to exist any monies in the clubs bank accounts shall be paid over to the AFWAC.