Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

Appleby Frodingham Squash Club

Minutes of the 413th meeting held on the 2nd August 2017

Attendees : Soni Crompton, Nigel Bratton ,Marc Taylor,Daz Brand, Paul Matthewman & Lucy Soulby

Apologies : Bert Cotter , Eddie Docherty, Steve Hame & Stu Lister,

Previous Minutes/Matters Arising: Mins approved by SL & MT

Matters Arising

Business adds on court, Andy Newton to be chased Action SL chasing should be next week

Membership costs website needs updating

Action PM/SH/NB prices now confirmed website to update NB


Shop doing steady business. In profit. New boarding installed. More boarding to be installed. Action Ongoing MT,SL

Treasurers Report

Soni reports that we are still in the black, but still with court repair bill still to pay off

Soni is progressing online banking Action SC

Court Maintenance

Court 3 & Court 2 now done. Action SC bill paid.

An extra heater required at the back of court 3

Quotes required from Trent Elect, for Heater replacement (as above)Tube fittings & 2 off double power sockets on Trophy cabinet wall behind bar area. Trent Elect been to assess, waiting for quotes for the above.

Action PM / Miranda to chase

Membership. Still 156 membership. Action SH/PM Prices now confirmed to publish.

Cleaning of the club house is very poor. Alan Heseltine to monitor club cleaning Action Miranda Brown

Juniors junior open morning set up . Further dates added into system. Good attendance

Forms for juniors to fill in…… Action SL/MT/LS & NB

Lincs SRA Junior coaching agreed to host. Dates confirmed as 02/09/2017

Courts will be needed from 9-00 to 17-00just on Sat.

Ladies shower not turning off. Now several showers isolated. Action shower upgrade with Miranda

Bar, Lounge & Trophy area to rearrange Action MT/PM

New TV required Action PM to buy when area upgraded.


Junior Tournament. All entries to be paid by Bank Transfer. This is easier for banking. Action SC

On site Sports Massage. Alternative room required for Trish as we cant use the warm up room, access lockers & security is compromised whilst massages are being carried out. Discuss with AFSSC. Decision to be made at next meeting. Can an alternative room be found at Brumby Hall? Action Trish to talk to

General lockers, grip & ball dispensing machine in corridor require modifying to accept new £1 coins

Action PM ongoing

Mobile phone App for AFSC required. How to get one. Action completed just require people to join

Request for the men’s showers temp. to be turned down. Action ED

Ladies showers. To be discussed by the Exec Committee and a proposal put forward for a upgrade.

Action AFSSC

Amp required to run “ old music “ system. Original amp to search for or new one to purchase Action PM

Fans on Court 3 & 4 are not working Action Miranda Brown

Fan guards require re-newing on Crts 1 & 2. Cost required Action SC

Soft Brushes required for court cleaning. Action completed

Coaching. More Level 1 coaches required. Stu Lister & Marc Taylor are interested. Action MT/SL

Cricketer found in changing area with spikes. Action Miranda Brown

Dyson vacuum missing. Action MB

DBS Checks required for MT & SL Action SL

New Honorary members voted for & voted in are Bert Cotter & Nigel Bratton both thanked for their long service .

Soni crompton asked to cover for Carol Rickells @ Ancholme Leisure centre. Action SC

Date of Next meeting: Wednesday 06/09/2017 @ 18-15 followed by AGM @ 19-00

All members welcome to the AGM @ 19-00